We are a family of five; Héctor (Dad), Eva (mom), Keren (treasure 1), Abel (treasure 2) and Chloe (treasure 3).

When Eva and I started our courtship in 2005 both were working in the mission field. In fact, Eva was part of the coordinating team for the camp we both worked in. She was my boss, ha ha … To tell the truth, she didn’t like me quite a lot because I joined the volunteer team through personal contacts instead of on my own. But God had a plan … that even she could not order or control. Thank God! Today  I would not be married to my wonderful wife.

A year later I asked her to marry me in the same camp and she was still my boss, but then she was madly in love with me (just exaggerating a bit). So she said… Yes! A year later, under the scorching sun of Castilla la Mancha; we got married … that was in 2007.

Much has happened since then, and many sunrises have awakened us. Along the way  3 beautiful children have been born; Keren who is now 7 years old, Abel who is 4 and the little Chloe who just turned 1.

We’ve moved a few times and travelled around Spain. I have also changed jobs several times. Always with the burning desire to someday return to work full time for God. God has a time for everyone, to be patient and know how to wait is not easy (phew, if I tell you how impatient I am). The time has come for us. We have taken a step of faith in obedience to that, to which God has called us, even long before Eva and I met. God prepared us separately, has taught us to wait together, and to get going as a family.

Through this page we want you to join us in this new stage and make you a participant of God’s work in our lives.

The time has come for us. We have taken a step of faith in obedience to that to which God has called us even before we met.




He was born in Las Palmas in 1986 in a family which at that time, did not yet know the Gospel. His father lived in the world of drugs, his mother worked all she could to meet the needs of her three children, Hector and his two older sisters.

Enrique, Hector’s father, joined RETO for rehabilitation and after a year in Madrid returned home completely transformed. A man with addictions that now only spoke of the person of Jesus Christ as their Savior. That was when Hector visited RETO in Gran Canaria and there met personally that Jesus Christ his dad spoke of all the time. At that time he was 14.


Knowing Jesus and the price He paid for him shook his life. Since then, Héctor’s passion is for others to meet the author of the greatest work of love of history; JESUS.

Today Hector is an online DETI student of FIEIDE in theological studies. Works with the mission’s team of Amistad Cristiana, local church of which they are members for the last seven years. He also participates in the worship team and children’s ministry. In addition, Héctor is part of the coordinator of CNH (National Men’s Conference). He and his wife Eva are founders of the ministry Vuelve al Origen (Back to the Beginning).



Born in Barcelona in 1984, daughter of missionaries. Since childhood grew up listening about God. Her parents, Pedro and Antonia Arbalat are today pastors of a church in Talavera de la Reina, after 35 years serving as leaders in Spain of a mission agency. Eva recalls how her father would get home after his trips overseas and would sit with her to explain Bible stories, plus stories of martyrs who had given their lives so that others would know the Gospel. Eva grew up with the conviction that she would devote her life to reach others to know that Jesus had died on the cross and resurrected giving us eternal life.


Eva is, for seven years 24/7 mom of three children. She is also an online DETI student of Fieide in theological studies as well as working with the missions team of their church. She also volunteers in the children’s ministry. Eva has created a series of stories for children. The “Lanitas” project was born after having her three children.